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Three detained and 1,700 kilos of cocaine seized off coast of Chiapas

Puerto Chiapas, Chiapas — More than 1,700 kilos of cocaine has been seized in waters southwest of Chiapas. The Secretary of the Navy in Puerto Chiapas reported the seizure and arrest of eight after the discovery of 1,744 brick packages of cocaine with an approximate weight of 1,700 kilograms.

The arrests and drug seizure was made on a vessel approximately 197 nautical miles (364.84 kilometers) southwest of Puerto Chiapas, Chiapas. Elements of the Navy were alerted to the possible transfer of illicit cargo which resulted in the deployment of various units by sea, air and land.

In their statement, they did not provide information as to where the drugs were from or destined, nor did they provide information on the three detained.

Last week, the Navy located more than two tons of cocaine off the coast of Manzanillo. Approximately 2,234 kilograms or 2.4 tons of cocaine was seized approximately 181 nautical miles (335 kilometers) west of the coast of Manzanillo, Colima.