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Dwayne Johnson announces the opening of his second tequila distillery in Mexico

Jesús María, Jalisco — Dwayne Johnson has announced the opening of his second tequila distillery in Mexico. Last week, the Hollywood movie maker paid a visit to his second distillery in the state of Jalisco.

He said due to the success of his first tequila distillery, he decided to open a second operation in the town of Jesús María to continue producing his Teremana brand of tequila.

“I didn’t build this company with my founding partners to make a quick buck and capitalize on the popularity of tequila. No. I built Teremana to become a loam that has a positive impact on generations of our families and proudly serves generations of our consumers. Working, breaking ground and building,” he wrote on social media.

“Our tequila is the cleanest tequila in the world, so our Teremana tastes very clean, fresh and delicious. And because I (we) never have a hangover or feel like shit… the next day,” he said in another post.

Johnson, who is also known as The Rock, toured his second facility with his Teremana CEO Jenna Fagnan. He explained “as we build out our massive second Teremana distillery, we built these huge fermentation tanks where we take our liquid thru a crucial stage of production,” he explained adding “Teremana is the #1 fastest growing tequila in the world and we are changing the game.”