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Suspect found in possession of stolen briefcase arrested in Cancun robbery

Cancun, Q.R. — A man was found and arrested after an alleged robbery that happened outside a Cancun bank in broad daylight. According to the victim, he had just left a bank with a briefcase containing 108,000 peso in cash when he was robbed.

The robbery happened in the parking lot of a Cancun plaza Friday afternoon. As he was heading toward his vehicle, an armed man appeared and demanded the briefcase. Police were called in and were able to locate the armed suspect.

Using city surveillance, police located him traveling on his motorcycle on Kabah Avenue. He was stopped and returned to the scene where he was positively identified by the victim, who is a local contractor.

Police proceeded to arrest him since not only was he positively identified, he was found in possession of the stolen briefcase which still contained the 108,000 in cash.