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Speeding driver fails to stop after killing ocelot on Cozumel highway

Cozumel, Q.R. — An ocelot has been found dead on a Cozumel highway. On Saturday night, the cat was found by island driver Marco “S” in the southern area of Cozumel. The driver said he witnessed a fast moving car hit the cat and keep going, adding that the driver was speeding to the point he could not brake in time.

Cozumel biologist Rafael Chacón Díaz said ocelots are not native to the island and was likely a pet that escaped. He said wildlife have been hit by vehicles in the El Cedral area for years due to careless drivers.

He said the ocelot was likely brought over to the island as a pet. Since it is difficult to keep them locked up, they escape and unfortunately, end up being run over.

“There are those who bring various species of fauna to Cozumel to keep them as pets, but since they cannot keep them locked up or domesticated, the animals escape due to their own agility and unfortunately end up being run over,” he said.