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Solutions to Cancun airport traffic chaos announced after ASUR shuts bridge return

Cancun, Q.R. — An immediate solution has been agreed upon regarding roadways and the traffic congestion around the Cancun International Airport. The agreements were made after representatives of Federal Tourist Carriers threatened a protest for Sunday.

Their protest threat was made after months of road chaos when the airport’s managing company, ASUR, closed one of the bridge returns that connects the airport with the Cancun Hotel Zone. The ongoing chaos resulted in improvised returns being made along the Federal 307 highway.

During a Saturday meeting, authorities agreed to the immediate reopening of the bridge return that had been closed by ASUR, who was in charge of vehicle flow control. They also agreed to hand that job over to the National Guard.

“The return of the bridge will be controlled by the National Guard and they will not close it unless it is necessary,” said the Federal Tourists Carrier’s President, José Bizarro Galván who did not elaborate as to why the return was closed in the first place.

“In order not to direct more road flow to the airport bridge, all the canceled returns from Colosio Avenue will be reopened,” he reported adding that long term solutions were also presented and agreed upon.

Long term solutions will include the extension of the airport bridge (el Trébol) from one to two lanes in each direction for a total of four lanes. The agency also reported that ASUR will build an alternative entrance and exit to Mérida or Playa del Carmen to alleviate congestion. Both of the long term solutions will take time, they pointed out.