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Shipment of bricks turns out to be 2 tons of marijuana

Concordia, Sinaloa — Agents of the National Guard report the seizure of a semi unit transporting more than two tons of marijuana. The truck was pulled over on a federal highway in Concordia for its tinted windows, which is violation of federal traffic regulations.

The semi, which initially claimed to be transporting bricks, turned out to be transporting drugs. In a report, the agency said that during an inspection, agents located large blocks of wrapped marijuana hidden in the middle section of the semi bed.

Agents were tipped off by the strong smell of marijuana, which lead to the inspection. Upon removal of the semi’s tarp, they located the 202 large bricks.

“We work to eradicate illegal drug trafficking throughout the country. In the municipality of Concordia, Sinaloa, we seized 202 packages with an estimated weight of more than two tons of marijuana, which were transported hidden between building blocks,” the National Guard published on social media.

The driver of the unit was taken into police custody along with his semi and drug shipment.