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Sargassum bricks now made with recycled beach plastic

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Omar Vázquez, creator of the sargassum bricks that have been used to make homes and other buildings in the region, is now adding plastic. The sargassum block creator has presented a large block made from the same algae, but now includes recycled plastic.

“Every day we walk the beaches and we see all the plastic, so we begin to include it, to crush them, we began to make formulas,” explained the CEO of Blue Green and Sarga Block.

He says the new block contains 30 percent sargassum, 10 percent plastic and 60 percent organic matter, adding that each piece measures 30 centimeters long, 15 wide and 11 high. He says they produce between 1,000 to 2,000 units daily.

In each house made with sargassum blocks by Omar, 20 tons of marine residue are used without adding cement or any type of glue.

The first house of this type was manufactured in its nursery in 2019, and to date, it continues to stand, despite the recent hurricanes that have hit the area.

Vázquez didn’t say if he intends to replace the original sargassum blocks with the new plastic-added version or if his company will produce both.