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Romanian mafia leader operating out of Cancun is granted protection from extradition

Mexico City, Mexico — The alleged leader of the Romanian mafia obtained another suspension against acts of incommunicado detention, exile, forced disappearance and repatriation through a new Amparo.

This week, Romanian Florian Tudor obtained a suspension granted by the Twelfth District Court of Amparo in Criminal Matters in Mexico City against acts of isolation, exile, enforced disappearance and extradition to Romania.

“Suspension is granted, the suspension of plan with respect to acts consisting of incommunicado detention, deportation, expulsion as a foreigner and / or extradition, as well as for any other of those prohibited by article 22 of the Constitution, for the effect that the Responsible authorities do not immediately execute them, make them cease or, where appropriate, refrain from carrying them out, ”the resolution details.

Arrested at the end of May in Mexico City, Florian Tudor is identified as the leader of the so-called Romanian mafia related to the cloning of bank cards and human trafficking on an international scale that operated from Quintana Roo.

Antonio González García, Second District Judge of Amparo in Criminal Matters reported that under the current order, Tudor cannot be held incommunicado, or deported or expelled from the country. On June 30, the court will be determined whether he will be granted protection against extradition.

Tudor is currently being held in the North Prison of Mexico City.