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Request made to allow all-terrain vehicles on Holbox streets

Holbox, Q.R. — A request has been made to allow all terrain vehicles on Holbox streets along with golf carts. The argument has been made that when heavy rains arrive, island streets become flooded and potholed, resulting in damage to the carts.

The request for the all-terrain inclusion has been made by the Secretary of the Holcar Golf Cart Union, Enrique Ramirez Borras. Ramirez has made his appeal with the Quintana Roo Mobility Institute (Imoveqroo) to allow all-terrain vehicles to be included since the streets, during the rainy season, has caused damages to his vehicle fleet in the past.

Ramirez says that due to the poor condition of the streets, they used all-terrain cars such as Can-Am and Polaris, for a time, but Imoveqroo told them that those models do not fall under the golf cart concession that was granted to their fleet of 130.

Ramirez says each rainy season, he spends a lot of money to maintain the fleet. He says that every month, he spends thousands in maintenance and repairs due to the island’s bad streets.

During the rainy season, Ramirez noted that there are now pirate taxis, drivers using the Can-Am type of units on the streets, since the golf carts are no match for the waterlogged roads and large potholes. The people using those vehicles, he says, once worked with his union.

“That is why we are asking them to let us place the Can-Am-type of vehicles on the roads, so that we can compete with these individuals” who, Ramirez says, “do not have insurance or any concessions but who were working here” on the island.