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Police detain suspect for selling Cancun vacation packages under hotel he does not work for

Cancun, Q.R. — A man identified as Jean Patrice Emmanuel “N” has been detained by Cancun police for selling vacation packages on behalf of a hotel he does not work for.

The incident was made public Sunday by the State Attorney General (FGE) who reported the arrest of Jean Patrice Emmanuel “N” on fraud charges.

Jean Patrice Emmanuel “N” was taken into custody “for his probable participation in the crime of fraud to the detriment of a hotel in Cancun,” they reported.

Jean Patrice Emmanuel “N” has been accused of selling Cancun vacation packages online under the name of a hotel that he does not work for.

“The person under investigation is accused of selling, through a digital platform, vacation packages in the name of this hotel without being an employee of it,” they explained.

Jean Patrice Emmanuel “N” was picked up on an arrest warrant and is in jail waiting to see a Cancun judge.