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Police arrest woman found with 52 debit cards from different banks

Zapopan, Jalisco — A woman found in possession of 52 debit cards was arrested from a public street in Jalisco. According to the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM) in Jalisco, it was the second time an arrest warrant for Karla “M” had been issued.

The FGR of Jalisco reported that Karla “M” was re-arrested after a warrant was issued by the District Court Specialized in the Accusatory Criminal System for allegedly being responsible for the illegal possession of debit cards.

Karla “M” was arrested for the first time by the Zapopan Public Security Police Station from a public street where she was found with 52 debit cards from different banks.

However, Karla “M” did not appear before the judge when required. Another warrant was issued and the woman arrested for a second time on the same street in the same municipality on March 16.

Her second arrest landed her in the State Women’s Reinsertion Center in Puente Grande where she continues to be held.