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Plaza roof collapses after Mexico City pelted by sudden hail storm

Mexico City, Mexico — The Secretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management issued a yellow alert Sunday after the city was hit by a massive hail storm. Damage was reported in several central areas as balls of ice pounded the city.

The sudden arrival slowed traffic as it turned streets and parking lots into sheets of ice. A large section of a grocery store roof also collapsed due to the storm. According to the Secretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management of Mexico City, the accumulation of hail was responsible for a 35 meter by 20 meter section of a Soriana grocery store roof to give way.

The agency reported that one person was injured during the roof collapse, apparently suffering a broken arm. Shoppers from inside the grocery store had to be evacuated.

According to Mexico City authorities, the city’s center and west regions were hardest hit, with an accumulation of more than 21 millimeters.