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Playa del Carmen youth given school talks on drug addiction

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Youth in Playa del Carmen schools are being taught the consequences of drug addictions. Dominic Torres Reynoso, the Director of the Youth Integration Center of Playa del Carmen, says their goal is to raise awareness among youth.

He says in Solidaridad, youth are engaging in illegal drinking and drug consumption at a younger age, which he says is worrying. He reported that the consumption of crystal meth has increased and is even known to be a drug minors have tried.

He explained that according to the latest statistics, youth are consuming alcohol, tobacco and drugs such as marijuana and crystal meth.

“Alcohol is a socially accepted drug but there is the risk because consumption is not seen as bad, it is a drug that is mostly consumed at home and in Mexico, most homes have alcohol,” he said.

Dominic Torres says talks are being given on not only the risks of consuming drugs, but also on preventive and emotional management to prevent young people from taking refuge in drugs.

According to the Seguridad Pública Solidaridad (SSP), police are providing talks in schools where they teach young people about the consequences of addictions and the dangers of drugs including fentanyl.