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Playa del Carmen police haul trio of males to jail from public roadway

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Playa del Carmen police hauled a trio of males to jail after they were found in possession of not only drugs, but fake police t-shirts. On Monday, three men in their 20s were arrested in the Villas del Sol subdivision after being found in possession of drugs, gun ammo and apocryphal shirts from the Solidaridad Police Department.

Elements of the Ministry of Public Security were responsible for their arrests after seeing the men exchaning bags of drugs on a public roadway. They attempted to flee once they noticed police, but were intercepted.

Transferred to a Playa del Carmen jail was 27-year-old Juan Diego N from Guanajuato, 25-year-old Erick N from Tabasco and 21-year-old Saúl Yair N from Campeche.

The drugs, which consisted of marijuana and cocaine, were found in their backpacks along with the clothing, ammo and cash.