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Passenger killed and 34 injured in semi-bus-semi crash outside Merida

Tixpéhual, Yucatan — One person was killed Friday in a highway accident that left 34 others injured. Early Friday morning, a semi trailer collided with a bus that then crashed into another semi.

The accident happened shortly after 6:00 a.m. on a section of the Merida – Cancun highway near Tixpéhual, east of the city of Merida. According to early information, a double long semi trailer transporting a load of wooden pallets collided with the passenger bus at highway speed.

The impact from the crash sent the bus into another semi and then down into a ravine where it landed on its side. A 65 year old man, who was a Tixpéhual passenger on the bus, was killed.

The roll left at least 34 other bus passengers injured. At the scene of the accident, paramedics from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) treated at least 30 people. Ambulances transferred 10 of the injured to Merida hospitals.

Traffic was backed up for kilometers as drivers crept past the triple vehicle accident scene through the only partial lane. Three large tow trucks arrived to upright the overturned units. Police have not said what caused the accident.