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Pair with history of robberies, murder tied to extortion

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two subjects who were arrested outside a Playa del Carmen bar on Wednesday afternoon turned out to be members of a criminal cell, allegedly dedicated to the collection of merchant floor rights.

Ismael De Dios L., 37 and Carlos Mario FR, 40, were arrested on 25th Avenue in Colonia Centro Wednesday. The pair were arrested by State Police from the State of Mexico-plated Honda they were driving.

Upon review of the men, police learned that Carlos Mario F.R. has faced judicial processes for robberies and drug trafficking, while Ishmael De Dios was imprisoned for 11 years for murder. Among other criminal activities, police learned they were involved in extortion, the collection of merchant floor rights to local Playa del Carmen businesses.

They were taken into custody Wednesday for drug and weapon violations. Both are from the state of Tabasco and were handed over to the Attorney General’s Office.