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“No one came out alive” said Civil Protection after plane crashes into tractor trailer yard

Ciénega de las Flores, Nuevo León — State Civil Protection personnel in Nuevo León have confirmed the crash of a plane along the Laredo highway. Preliminary reports say the light aircraft went down around 10:00 a.m. Thursday along the highway and crashed into units of a tractor trailer transport company.

“The report of an aircraft crash is addressed inside a trailer company at the height of the Highway to Laredo km 24, Ciénega de Flores,” the agency posted on social media. An hour later, they added “Municipal PC confirms the collapse of the aircraft, which refers to falling inside the transport line.”

Director Miguel Ángel Perales said that the number of deaths had not yet been confirmed, but it is estimated that it would be between 4 and 6 people.

“Apparently no one came out alive (…) Right now, the airport is about to confirm the flight plan, but it can be from 4 to 6 people. We do not have confirmation of those on board,” he said.

The 1972 Piper PA32 Cherokee 6 aircraft was destined for Laredo, Texas when the accident happened.

Perales said that at least one worker from the transportation line was injured, as he was in the cabin of one of the tractor trailers that was hit by the plane.

“There is an injured person from the transport line. It was a truck operator who was inside one of the trailers, which was hit by the plane. At the moment of impact, he received some blows to the body. He is stable,” Perales added.

Rescue bodies continue to sift through the wreckage. A possible cause for the accident has not been revealed. A week ago, a helicopter also went down in that same area, landing on the highway among power lines. In that crash, the pilot was killed.