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New Quintana Roo Real Estate Alert provides real time email private property updates

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — A new real estate registry is up and running that lists all legal movements of properties. Once on the site, a property owner can see all the transactions against a specific property and can also register to be alerted to future changes.

According to State Secretary Cristina Torres, the registry was developed to eliminate corruption and promote administrative simplification. She says a property owner with a folio number can go online and view historical transactions in relation to a property.

Torres says the Alerta Inmobiliaria website was developed by the Public Registry of Property and Commerce for the use of citizens to provide legal certainty regarding their real estate assets. She says the Quintana Roo registry is still being updated and is expected to be complete in 2026.

She also reported that within two years, it is hoped that these transactions can be done online in a simplified process.

“In two years it is intended that all Public Registry, Property and Commerce procedures can be carried out electronically, thus eliminating corruption, simplifying procedures and providing greater legal certainty to the people of Quintana Roo,” she said.

State Secretary Cristina Torres

In relation to the Alerta Inmobiliaria (Real Estate Alert), Torres explained that it is a website through which the legitimate owner of a property, through a folio number, can learn about the movements related to the property in question.

She explained that access is made through an email registered by the owner and/or whoever certifies legal interest in the property and that immediate notice will be given of any type of movement that takes place between individuals on the related property (folio).

In this way, the registered person is alerted in real time about possible changes in their legal situation such as preventive notices, requests for certificates or requests for registration of legal acts.

The website is at the service of any person, regardless of whether they are an individual, legal entity (business) or dedicated to real estate activity (agent). She says to use the website, it will be necessary to pay an annual fee, which fluctuates with Mexico’s UMAS (Update Measurement Unit), which today, is 1,085.70 pesos.

Torres says the advantage of the Real Estate Alert is that property owners are notified immediately of any movement to be carried out without their knowledge or authorization without the need to go to the respective offices. The service can be accessed from anywhere in the country.

She says to use the Real Estate Alert, the fee can be paid through the Tribut@net Quintana Roo website. Documentation to verify ownership or a relation to the property will be required.