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National Guard secures area while stuck elephant seal waits for high tide

San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora — National Guard were called in to protect a beach area of Sonora Saturday where a stranded elephant seal was found. Elements of the Environmental Protection Battalion of the National Guard supported the rescue of the elephant seal that was reported stranded.

The report was made by citizen who came upon the mammal while walking the beach in El Machorro. By the time National Guard arrived, a small group of people were trying to push it back into the sea, however, it was found partially buried in wet sand.

Sonora marine specialists were consulted and decided to wait for high tide which would help to naturally dislodge the seal since adults can weigh as much as a ton. While waiting for the tide to rise, National Guard provided a security boundary to ensure the seal would not be approached by people.

The mammal was freed naturally with the arrival of rising water.