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National Guard intercept vehicle carrying Cancun kidnapping victim

Cancun, Q.R. — National Guard in Cancun were successful in intercepting a vehicle and rescuing a kidnapping victim. The incident happened early Saturday evening along 20 de Noviembre Avenue after the wife of the kidnapped man alerted authorities.

After her call, Cancun police used city surveillance to monitor the white minivan transporting her kidnapped husband. The man, who is reported to be of Colombian nationality, was removed from the vehicle after Guardia Nacional located it in SM 222 and intercepted it.

The victim was forced into the white van by three armed men who were taken into custody in the Cancun subdivision of Los Héroes. Elements of the National Guard disarmed and subdued the three alleged kidnappers. Police arrived and arrested the men.

Three people were reported arrested from inside the van. Photo: May 4, 2024.

The kidnapping victim was taken to hospital by ambulance to be treated for facial injuries. According to local reports, the kidnapped man is reported to be involved with a local loansharking gang.