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Morelos mayor says mototaxi drivers need to repair tarnished image

Jose Maria Morelos, Q.R. — Mayor Erik Borges Yam held a meeting with motorcycle taxi drivers from the municipal capital where he endorsed his commitment to work together.

The Director of Transportation, Pepe Luis Flota Hernández, who participated in the meeting, said that it is important that group leaders change their public image of the union.

He noted that in the “face of failures of a few, they have left everyone with a bad name.” He added that now, authorities are going to be more strict.

The mayor asked the mototaxi drivers to work together with his government, since he will have everything available to them in the way of support. He says it is important that the drivers offer good, honest service to change their tarnished image.

Borges Yam invited the leaders to coordinate and work in unity with their government, adding that the government works in bureaucratic procedures and has resolved their previous demands in terms of streets and lighting in the circulation routes.

“From our part they have all the support they need to carry out their work, but they have to have their documents in order before the corresponding instances.

“Now with the mobility law, there are procedures that they must comply with to have everything in order, and in this case, they have all my support. I only ask that we work together,” he said.

Borges Yam reported that there are currently 446 motorcycle taxi drivers of which, 75 percent have complied with obtaining the necessary documents as required by the mobility law.