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Ministry of National Defense locates illegal aircraft in Mexican airspace carrying 246 kilos of cocaine

Mapstepec, Chiapas –An aircraft that illegally entered Mexican airspace with 246 kilos of cocaine was seized Wednesday. In a statement from the Secretariat of National Defense, the plane was located in the municipality of Mapstepec in the state of Chiapas and seized by elements of the Army.

The plane was detected by Mexico’s Comprehensive Air Surveillance System which activated procedures for the protection of the national airspace, the document said.

“Air interception units and surveillance platforms were deployed. Later, the suspicious aircraft landed in the municipality of Mapstepec, for which ground and airborne reaction forces moved in,” the agency said.

In addition to the aircraft, military personnel secured the 246 kilo drug shipment of cocaine, which was found wrapped in 11 packages. Authorities also seized three SUVs, three motorcycles and an ATV that were believed to be used to distribute the drugs once the plane landed.