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Mexico’s INM reports locating 1,957 illegal migrants in one day

Mexico City, Mexico — The National Migration Institute (INM) reported the detention of 1,957 illegal migrants of different nationalities in one day.

Through a statement, the agency reported agents located most of the migrants in four different states. The agency says of these, 532 were located during migratory control operations in different areas in the state of Oaxaca, 86 were located in Veracruz, 58 in Chihuahua and 134 in Puebla.

The remaining 1,147 were located through various INM operations in 18 other states of Mexico.

“The INM reaffirms its commitment to a safe, orderly and regular migration, with total adherence to respect for the human rights of people in condition of mobility throughout the national territory,” they said.

In recent months, Mexico has detained thousands of migrants and carried out repatriations as part of managing the irregular flows that, for the most part, seek to reach the United States.

Last Friday, the Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE) reported that it expressed to the United States government “a series of concerns” about the return of the Migrant Protection Protocols known colloquially as the ‘Stay in Mexico’ program.

The program, implemented by the administration of Donald Trump, requires migrants seeking asylum to remain in Mexico for the duration of their processing before the US authorities.

The US Department of Homeland Security tried to end the program last June, but a Texas judge ruled that it should be reinstated, which was upheld by the Supreme Court in August.