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Mexico and Russia sign space cooperation agreement

Mexico City, Mexico — On Tuesday, an agreement was signed between the governments of Mexico and Russia for cooperation in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes.

The Mexican Space Agency (AEM), through its director general Salvador Landeros Ayala, was in charge of signing the agreement with the deputy director general of the State Space Corporation Sergey Valentinovich Saveliev.

The representatives of both countries expressed their interest in establishing and developing equitable and mutually beneficial cooperation between the states of the parties, in the exploration and use of outer space and the practical application of space equipment and space technologies for peaceful purposes.

The broad areas of cooperation include the areas of space science and outer space exploration including astrophysical research and planetary studies, remote sensing of the Earth from space and satellite communications as well as the use of information technologies and the services associated with it.

The agreement will also promote academic and knowledge exchange between youth within the framework of friendship.