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Mara Lezama sworn in as new Governor of Quintana Roo

Chetumal, Q.R. — Mara Lezama, the former two time mayor of Cancun, has officially been sworn in as Governor. On Sunday, Lezama was sworn in as the new Governor of Quintana Roo, replacing Carlos Joaquin.

Lezama took her oath before a full house in the State Congress of Chetumal where she vowed to lead a transparent, austere government and fight against corruption and “vices of power.”

She thanked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for his support and assured him that she will work hand in hand with the federal government to achieve a budget according to the needs of Quintana Roo.

Lezama stressed that as the first female Governor for Quintana Roo, she will govern in a different way with one of her goals being to combat gender violence against women.

“I will combat the violence exacerbated by machismo and misogyny, rooted in our culture and multiplied by many people,” she said. She also said that women will have economic autonomy from women based on access to education, training and decent jobs.

She also announced a government with republican austerity, zero tolerance for corruption and the implementation of an Agreement for Welfare and Development, based on a humanist and progressive government.

She said that she will be respectful of the division of powers and democratic values “to face the challenges of a state that had growth but without distribution, of those who benefited from doing business without supervision and without checks and balances which caused problems of corruption, inequality, poverty, environmental destruction and economic and social backwardness.”

On Saturday, Lezama announced her new legal cabinet. She also announced a new head for Public Security, Manelich Castilla. Mara Lezama will govern the state of Quintana Roo until 2027.