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Quintana Roo Governor-elect Mara Lezama announces her legal cabinet

Chetumal, Q.R. — Governor-elect Mara Lezama has announced her legal cabinet for the duration of her 2022-2027 term. She made her announcement from the Chetumal Convention Centre, referring to her governor position as “the greatest responsibility that life has allowed me.”

During her announcement, Lezama asked her team to serve efficiently and effectively, always based on legality and honesty and “not to betray the people of Quintana Roo who are the ones who gave us the great honor of serving them.”

On Friday night, Lezama announced her legal cabinet is made up of María Cristina Torres Gómez in the Government Secretariat position and Manelich Castilla Cravioto for the Secretary of Public Security.

Eugenio Segura Vázquez, Secretary of Planning and Finance (Sefiplan), Bernardo Cueto Riesta, Secretary of Tourism and Karla María Almanza López, Ministry of Economy.

Carlos Manuel Gorocica Moreno, Secretary of Education and Irazú Marisol Sarabia, the Secretary of Public Works.

Flavio Carlos Rosado, Secretary of Health, Luis Pablo Bustamante, Secretary of Social Development and Armando Lara de Nigris, Secretary of Sustainable Urban Territorial Development (Sedetus).

Linda Saray Cobos Castro, Secretariat of Agricultural, Rural and Fisheries Development and Josefina Huguette Hernández Gómez for the Secretary of Ecology and Environment.

Flor Ruiz Cosio, Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare and Alma Alvarado at the Quintana Roo Youth Institute.

Mara Lezama will be sworn in as the new Governor of Quintana Roo on September 25, replacing Carlos Joaquin who is to head the Mexican Embassy in Canada.