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Man dies by electrocution minutes after intentionally blowing up family house

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A man who intentionally blew up his home while his wife was inside died from electrocution shortly after the fire began. Police were called to the irregular settlement of In House Tuesday night in the city’s extreme west after neighbors reported the LP gas explosion.

When authorities arrived, they found the burned-out house with one woman inside. She was rushed to hospital in serious condition. The man, who neighbors said was responsible for the intentional fire, was found dead on a neighboring rooftop.

The man who is alleged to have set the LP tank on fire made a run for it before it exploded. He made his way onto the roof of a nearby house where he was electrocuted after making contact with high voltage wires.

He was found dead on the roof. The injured woman from inside the burned out house is said to be the wife of the now-deceased man.