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Man accidently falls after threatening to jump from Cancun bus station ledge

Cancun, Q.R. — A man who was threatening to jump from a ledge inside a Cancun bus terminal remains in hospital after falling. The incident happened Monday night in front of bus station travelers who witnessed the man threatening to jump.

In a bid to help, several people climbed up to where he was where they tried to talk him down. While on the ledge, the man began to punch a glass window and shout, at which time he accidentally fell backward.

Despite attempts to hang on to him, the man fell approximately five meters to the concrete floor below. He was rushed to a Cancun hospital with undisclosed injuries.

The man ended up accidently falling off the ledge backward in front of startled bus passengers. Photo: May 27, 23024.

Local media have speculated the man was under some form of influence, however, police have not confirmed that information. It is not known why the man was in the bus terminal and / or what drove him to threaten to jump from the ledge.