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López Obrador refers to recent U.S. meeting as ‘very good’

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says the meeting held at the National Palace with U.S. officials Wednesday was “very good”. On Wednesday, López Obrador met with high-level public servants of the United States government sent by his counterpart Joseph Biden.

López Obrador referred to the meeting as “very good” where issues including the migration phenomenon were discussed.

“There is more and more movement on the border, on the bridges, and that is why we have to be vigilant so that the crossings are not closed and that agreement was reached. The passages for the railway and border bridges are already being opened to normalize the situation. HW moved forward on that,” her reported Thursday.

The President said they also discussed attention to the causes of migration and support for countries where people leave their towns in search of work. In this regard, Mexico reported that it maintains aid to Central America and Caribbean nations through the Sowing Life and Youth Building the Future programs.

After highlighting that the United States government continues the temporary work visa program through which 30,000 migrants have been allowed to enter each month, he highlighted the importance of informing about the risks.

“There is also a political issue due to this election season in the United States and migration is encouraged, misinformation is created. There are also human traffickers, they organize caravans to reach the United States, often not providing adequate information.”

He added that the meeting was held on very good terms, and confirmed that, now more than ever, a policy of good friendship is essential considering that 40 million countrymen live and work in the United States, in addition to the extensive economic exchange between the two countries for being the main trading partners in the world and for the arrival of new investments.

“So the relationship with our neighbors is fundamental. We have to take care of it and we have, at the same time, to also take care of the migrants so there are no abuses, kidnappings, that there are no accidents during the transfer,” he explained.

He reported that the Wednesday meeting was proposed by Mexico after President Joseph Biden’s call to President López Obrador to express his concern about the arrival of up to 12,000 migrants daily along the northern border, which led to the closure of customs and some border crossings.

President López Obrador confirmed that periodic meetings and constant exchange will be held to address the immigration issue. On the part of Mexico, the Security Cabinet will go to Washington.

U.S. officials are seen at the National Palace in Mexico City for a meeting called by President López Obrador.
Photo: AMLO December 27, 2023.

“Now that Mr. Blinken, Mayorkas, Elizabeth have come, we thank them very much, especially President Biden, because we invited them and they came. They met with us to discuss these issues directly due to the importance it has for both nations, that we do not have any difficulties in the transit of people and goods.”