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Judge rules against arresting officer and in favor of Puerto Morelos protester

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A judge has ruled in favor of a citizen after a complaint was filed against the municipal secretary of Public Safety and Traffic of Puerto Morelos for abuse of power.

On Tuesday, a judge found probable cause against Gumercindo Jiménez Cuervo, the municipal secretary of Public Safety and Traffic for Puerto Morelos, after a citizen filed a complaint of abuse of power during a June 2020 protest.

Lawyer Fabiola Cortés Miranda announced that a judge found probable cause after a complaint, filed by CAHS, who said he was personally detained by Jiménez Cuervo while was sitting at a park kiosk on the day of the demonstration.

Cortés Miranda indicated that among the evidence provided were citizen testimonies who were there at the time Jiménez Cuervo made the arrest along with a video showing how Jiménez Cuervo grabbed CAHS by the arm and escorted him to a patrol unit without providing a reason for the arrest.

Citizens Diego N, Elena N, Daniela N and Fabricio N have also filed a complaint against Gumersindo Jiménez Cuervo for their illegal detention and excessive use of force while they were protesting on the morning of June 5.

On June 5, a small group of protesters gathered in central Puerto Morelos to demonstrate against the destruction of the town’s Casco Antiguo, which was being demolished by heavy machinery for a remodeling project.

Three locals and two foreigners were arrested during the morning protest. At the time of their arrests, the Secretary General of the City Council, Miguel Ángel Zetina Cuevas said the intervention of police was necessary to protect protesters from suffering a serious injury due to the use of heavy machinery since they insisted on remaining in the work area.