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Isla Mujeres tourist destination of excellence with high occupancy rates and improvement projects

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Mayor Atenea Gómez Ricalde says Isla Mujeres continues to position itself as a tourist destination of excellence. With a recent weekend occupancy rate of more than 80 percent and upcoming infrastructure projects, “a good image prevails.”

She said during the recent two international island events, data from the Municipal Tourism Directorate reported hotel occupancy rates of between 87 and 80 percent. She said the Saturday of the events was the busiest with a record of 87.1 percent in Isla Mujeres and 80.5 percent in Costa Mujeres, closing Isla Mujeres with a global figure of 82.7 percent that weekend, while Costa Mujeres closed with 80.1percent.

The high weekend occupancy rates were thanks to the Cosme Alberto Martínez Magaña Fishing Tournament and a sports competition. She said a majority of the competitors for both events were from various countries including the United States and Canada.

Gómez Ricalde also spoke of the upcoming major infrastructure improvements planned for the island. She said the projects include repairing sidewalks, fittings, pedestrian crossings, planters, changing lights and traffic and tourist signs, among others.

Yuliana Contreras, Manager of Café-Mogagua said “the remodeling project idea is great, it is much needed. There will be more work and economic stability for everyone,” she said regarding the recent announcement.

The mayor also said she is negoiating to have the island’s central overhead electrical wires replaced with an underground system, something that will be safer and more stable during storms.

Rogelio Magaña Castro, a native of the island and owner of Bahía Diving products said that the remodeling projects are of great importance for the island, particularly those of underground electrical power wiring by ensuring that the safety of citizens and tourists will improve, especially in hurricane season when strong winds occur, which can knock down wiring and light poles.

Island business manager Eduardo Muñoz Delgado, of Lancheros mini-supermarket, said that with the rehabilitation of the lights, the security of the area will improve.

Gómez Ricalde said in general, merchants along Rueda Medina Avenue and its surroundings are satisfied with the up-and-coming infrastructure project to improve the urban image.