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Isla Mujeres has 250 security cameras monitoring through C2 Centre

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — The municipality of Isla Mujeres currently has 250 security cameras. The public camera strategy has been increased to strengthen security.

Isla Mujeres Mayor Atenea Gómez Ricalde says she recently acquired 130 new security cameras, raising the total number of surveillance devices to 250. The cameras are being used to reinforce the permanent monitoring that is carried out through the C2 Command and Control Center.

“With these new cameras, we will have greater coverage in the municipality,” said the General Director of Public Safety and Traffic, Lourdes Espín Alarcón.

In addition to the new cameras, maintenance was performed on the other 120 that have already been installed. Espín Alarcón says it is important that the devices are in optimal operating condition to continue providing effective surveillance.

The Municipal Government also implemented 35 new surveillance and monitoring points, which have been added to the 30 that were already in operation. Now, the municipality has a total of 65 strategic points being monitored.

“These monitoring points allow us to have a constant presence in key areas such as beaches, main avenues and the maritime terminal, among others, which improves the response to emergency situations,” she said.