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Hurricane Nora leaves behind extensive damage, rescued tourists

Mazatlán, Sinaloa — Twelve tourists traveling in a van during the passing of Hurricane Nora Sunday had to be rescued by firemen. The request for assistance from the Mazatlán Fire Department was made by the city’s C4 emergency center after the van they were traveling in became stranded due to flooding.

Firemen arrived in the middle of Avenida Carlos Canseco around 12:30 p.m. Sunday, where they found the white transport van and 12 tourists inside. The eight adults and four minors were transferred to their hotel.

The van was eventually winched out from the flooded street, which was officially closed as water levels continued to rise.

On Sunday, Hurricane Nora hit the Pacific Coast of Mexico killing one minor in Jalisco. A woman, also in Jalicso, was reported as missing. The National Civil Protection Coordinator Laura Velázquez also reported felled trees, major flooding, damaged buildings and power outages across a majority of that region.

She said that 562 people were forced into public emergency shelters, and that 44 municipalities in six states that Nora hit, suffered material damage. On Saturday, port authorities began closing ports and restricting navigational activity due to the strong waves being produced as the storm approached.