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Holbox mayor says no to more authorized golf carts

Holbox, Q.R. — The mayor of Holbox says authorities should stop authoring golf carts to act as taxis since the island is full and the carts only obstruct passage ways.

Holbox mayor Idelfonso Cetina Alcocer says the number of golf carts authorized to work on the island has caused a saturation, adding there are so many, they block tourist passage in places such as the beach.

Although he admits that golf carts are the main means of transport, not only for tourism but for residents, the number of carts circulating has reached a point of saturation. He says in addition to that, the carts have become a hindrance because they obstruct the free passage of tourism and local people who travel on foot.

Cetina Alcocer said that there are more than 90 golf carts enabled as taxis in addition to privately owned carts.

“I think it is necessary to prohibit the continued operation of more golf carts as a taxi or as a private service because they invade the main streets of our island,” he explained.

Similarly, he said another problem with the island has to do with the entry of heavy vehicles to supply grocery stores and other services.

“With these, we have to look for some alternative so that they do not transit on the island. It may be that smaller cars go to the dock for their merchandise in order to take care of the fragile streets of sand because with the rains, large potholes are formed,” he added.

The island mayor said he intends to discuss the matter with municipal officials and traffic authorities to establish mechanisms that do not affect the circulation of heavy units so much, noting that it is a difficult decision since they cannot be prohibited the vehicles from entering the island.