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Holbox classes canceled and small boats off limits due to latest cold front

Holbox, Q.R. — Heavy rains left the island of Holbox waterlogged Thursday and Friday with the passing of another cold front. A majority of the Yucatan Peninsula has been drenched with the passing of cold front 27 which began arriving Wednesday.

Heavy rains and winds caused the Holbox port to be closed and classes canceled Thursday. The front also left other ports between Cancun and Riviera Maya temporarily shut Wednesday due to the strong winds generated as the front approached.

On Thursday, classes were suspended and waters off limits to small vessels due to the ongoing bad weather. According to Tierra y Libertad school Director, José Feliciano Poot Álvarez, some parents were arriving with their kids only to be told to return home.

Although classes were canceled and the port closed to small vessels, ferries running the Chiquilá to Holbox continue to operate.