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Handover of Mexico’s ports to navy complete reports admiral

Mexico City, Mexico — Admiral Rafael Ojeda says the transfer of control of Mexican ports to the navy is complete. The Secretaría de Marina says that with the handover of administration to the navy, port operations are expected to be more efficient.

With the transfer, OJeda says the government anticipates a more efficient administration and security with a system free of corruption. The official established that the ports and their administrations will not be militarized, but will have better port security conditions.

“We are going to focus on banishing any act of corruption and mismanagement, of everything that by right, belongs to Mexicans, without reservation, without personal interest and in no way militarizing said sector,” he said during his National Palace press announcement

“There will also be changes in port administrations in order to make their operations more efficient and on the customs side, we are committed to carrying out an administration free of corruption, and of course very efficient and effectively so as not to affect foreign trade,” he explained.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reiterated that changing the administration of ports, from the Ministry of Communications to the Ministry of the Navy, will also allow for a better defense of the sovereignty of the country’s coasts.

“This is the institution, the most prepared to defend the sovereignty of the coasts and seas of Mexico. In these times, it is undoubtedly the Secretary of the Navy that guarantees the power to face the threats of smuggling and the introduction of drugs through the ports of the Gulf and the Pacific,” added AMLO.