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Group of out-of-state drug dealers busted on Playa del Carmen street

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A group of three men found exchanging bags of narcotics have landed themselves in jail. On Wednesday, Municipal police patrolling the Ejido area of Playa del Carmen came upon the men in flagrante delicto.

“During a security patrol in the Ejido neighborhood by Municipal Police, three subjects and more than 100 doses of possible drugs including marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine were seized,” Solidaridad Seguridad Pública reported.

“Preventive Police were circulating on Diagonal Avenue 85 and 26th Street when they caught, in flagrante delicto, the men manipulating and exchanging possible drugs.

“They identified themselves as Israel “N”, 31 years old from the State of Mexico, Pedro “N”, 27 from Tamaulipas and Iván “N”, 37, from Mexico City.”

After trying to escape without success, a security inspection was carried out and, among their belongings, police found 49 wrappers with a vegetable with the characteristics of marijuana, 45 with possible cocaine and nine with a substance similar to methamphetamine for which they were seized and placed at the disposal of the State Attorney General’s Office.