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Governor says state will reopen to a different reality after coronavirus

Mexico City, Mexico — Quintana Roo Governor Carlos Joaquin says that the state will reopen, but return to a different reality.

He says that Quintana Roo is working on a plan for the gradual reopening of activities, which will be announced according to numbers and the mathematical models, adding that due to the coronavirus, it will be a different reality.

“We are going to return to a different reality. We are going to live with the coronavirus. It is not going to go away. The actions and situations that we will experience will be different. We must be attentive to the protocols which, if not followed, means a risk of going back up the contagion curve,” he stressed.

He specified that the state is still in the highest phase of infections and that social and hygienic distancing measures will continue. He anticipated that although some economic activities could start in June, there may be a rebound if preventive measures are relaxed.

“We need to be prepared. This will not end on June 1 and we will have a different reality with preventive measures and actions because the coronavirus is not going to go away. For example, to get on a plane you will have to undergo tests, have cleaner spaces at airports, the sanitation of suitcases, medical check-ups, transportation for only one or two passengers,” he noted.

His words were echoed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador during the morning press conference when he announced measures to return to what is being called the “new normal” in the face of the coronavirus epidemic.

From his cabinet, the Secretary of Economy Graciela Márquez specified that the return to the “new normal” will have three stages, the first of which, will begin on May 18 when 269 municipalities in 15 states will be able to gradually restart activities.

The second stage will run from May 18 to May 31 when construction, mining, and manufacturing will gradually reopen around the country as essential activities.

Graciela Márquez said the third stage will begin June 1, when, according to the traffic light system, municipalities will be given instructions on their reactivation according to the number of coronavirus cases.

She explained that the traffic system will work as follows. A red light means only essential activities, including the construction, mining and vehicle assembly industries, will be allowed. An orange light means non-essential activities are allowed, but at a reduced level. The use of public spaces will be reduced and vulnerable people will be able to start working with prevention measures.

A yellow light means the municipality can operate essential and non-essential activities without restrictions, although activities in open spaces will remain reduced. Closed spaces such as restaurants, temples, museums, cinemas and theaters can be opened, but operate in a reduced capacity.

Municipalities given the green light will have the freedom to operate all activities, including the reactivation of schools.

During his press conference, AMLO stressed that the Healthy Distancing will conclude for 269 municipalities on May 18 and on May 31, for the rest of the country, however, activities will resume according to the established traffic light.

For the state of Quintana Roo, activities could restart gradually after May 31, depending on the conditions prevailing at that time. Currently, the state’s color is red. The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell says that epidemic progresses and the trend of cases will be evaluated weekly.

He pointed out that in the color represents the epidemic situation and in triangles or squares, the trend of the epidemic.

“For example, Mexico City is in red territory and an upward red triangle, which indicates that it is still in the ascent phase and is also at a very intense point of transmission. Oaxaca has a low transmission and has stability in the speed of change, while Quintana Roo, where Cancun is, we see that although there is still an intensity of cases, a downward trend is already showing. It is expected that in the next days or weeks we will have a reduction in the burden of disease in this state,” he explained.