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Governor determined to transform law enforcement in state

Cancun, Q.R. — Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa says she is determined and committed to fully assume the mandate of the people. In a ceremony celebrating Police Day, she said that each action of her government will be governed by the principle “outside the law, nothing and above the law, nobody.”

Lezama pointed out that this profound transformation of her new government began four months ago “and winning an election is not an everyday thing, it is fully assuming the mandate of the people and I am determined and committed to doing so.”

She said that today, there is a new mandate and the law must be enforced, adding that her government is committed to the people, to social welfare, to the poor, to the marginalized and to the groups that demand priority attention.

“The population of Quintana Roo expects a professional police force, which attends to the people’s mandate. Expect police officers working for security, peace and justice. Expect close, empathetic, friendly treatment from your authorities. That is why I am not going to tolerate apathy, nor laziness in public practice,” she said during the ceremony.

To achieve this, she said she is working on a citizen security model that will strengthen trust between the people and the police because Quintana Roo expects its elements to be the best police in the country.

Mara Lezama announced that the Fund for Strengthening Security Program is included in this year’s budget, which means police officers have better work equipment, technological support and training to fulfill their duties.