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Governor announces new state-of-the-art sports stadium for Merida

Merida, Yucatan — Yucatan Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal has announced a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art stadium project that will see the creation of more than 5,000 jobs. In a press release, the governor says that a stadium is set for construction north of the city of Merida.

The sports stadium will be built in Sodzil Norte of Merida and will create 4,000 construction jobs. Once finished, the new stadium will provide employment for 1,000 people.

Inside will be a 300-room hotel, a museum, restaurants, a 9,000-square-meter meeting facility, promotion spaces, a sports field and capacity for up to 32,000 people including 23,000 fans for baseball, 27,000 for soccer and up to 32,000 for concerts.

Vila Dosal says that when complete, the new sports stadium will allow the state to host national and international sporting events.

He explained that with integrated technology, the stadium can be transformed to accommodate specialized sports such as soccer or baseball. The building is being designed by the London-based company Populus and constructed by Juego de Pelota Inc., which is headed by César Octavio Esparza Portillo.

The Estadio Sostenible de Yucatán will be for mixed use and is expected to take 24 months to complete once the work is started. An estimated cost for the stadium was not provided.