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Government of Mexico extradites criminal group member to face charges New York court

Mexico City, Mexico — A member of a criminal group has been sent to the U.S. A man identified as Ismael “Q” was extradited to New York Thursday by the Government of Mexico.

He was wanted by the Eastern District Court of New York for criminal association, drugs and illegal possession of weapons. He was an alleged member of the Caro Quintero criminal organization.

As part of this criminal organization, Ismael “Q” was responsible for the logistics of drug trafficking from Mexico to the United States, as well as its manufacture and transportation for U.S. consumption.

According to the Government of Mexico, Ismael “Q” was also in charge of the security and protection of another member of the same criminal gang. He was once Caro Quintero’s bodyguard.

In July of 2022, Caro Quintero was flushed out of a mountainous area in northwestern Sinaloa during a deep search operation.

The Government of Mexico granted his extradition to the U. S. after arresting him in January 2020 in Culiacán, Sinaloa.