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Good Samaritan beaten and stabbed defending Cancun girls in attempted mugging

Cancun, Q.R. — A Cancun man remains in hospital today after being assaulted and stabbed the day before. The unnamed man became the victim of the assault after coming to the aide of two young girls.

The girls were in the process of being mugged while walking to a convenience store Thursday afternoon. When coming to their aid, the criminals turned on him.

He was physically punched and stabbed at least once for his efforts. Witnesses to the sidewalk incident in SM 94 called for help. Paramedics arrived in an ambulance and treated him at the scene before transferring him to hospital.

According to early information, the two girls were on their way to a store when they were intercepted by two men. One of the men had a knife. The good Samaritan was passing by when he saw what was happening.

The Good Samaritan was beaten and stabbed defending two young girls being mugged. Photo: may 30, 2024.

He intervened and was seriously injured for his efforts. One of the girls began to scream after seeing the man get stabbed. Her screaming caused the assailants to run. The area resident was taken to hospital for medical treatment.

There is no report on any suspects or arrests.