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Gómez details ongoing discrepancies from previous Isla Mujeres administration

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Isla Mujeres mayor Athena Gómez says the delivery-reception process is about 90 percent complete, but is still under review. In her weekly meeting to keep residents informed, Gómez detailed numerous discrepancies.

“Since the previous administration did not leave clear accounts in the municipal coffers, all salaries were standardize to a “C” base in order to cover the payment of the first payroll of municipal workers,” she explained.

She says an investigation has begun to determine contracts and compensations paid that had no paper support, reason or protocol for being made. She said that this type of willful omission by the outgoing administration, including those who held administrative positions, have been done with the purpose of damaging the present administration.

During her press conference, she explained that both the Civil Protection and Fire Department are in very poor condition. She said one truck is out of service because it lacks brakes and that “the few units that were left, were left in poor condition.

“Investigations are even being carried out because it seems that it was done intentionally, it seems that they were ruined on purpose, so the corresponding technical opinion is being made in order to have a cause to proceed legally since the impairment is not for the present administration, it is for the people,” she said.

She also said that they have not found the registry of taxpayers, which she noted, is reflected in the municipality not owning better equipment or having trained staff. She also said that there are only 92 police officers in operation for the entire municipality, “which undoubtedly represents an urgent need to hire more to have a reliable police force,” adding that they also only have 20 patrol units, 11 of which can be used.

“Six of them belong to the sole command. There is no record of the origin of the others,” she said. In order to not neglect security, they are working in coordination with Semar, the National Guard, the Military Garrison and the Quintana Roo Police that will see the municipality join the sole command.