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French and Mexican naval personnel conduct binational at-sea exercises near Cozumel

Cozumel, Q.R. — Naval officers from France and Mexico conducted binational at-sea exercises over the weekend. On Friday, vessels La Combattante of the French Navy and the Coastal Patrol Vessel ARM Tulum (PC-337) of the Mexican Navy carried out Passex-2022 exercises in waters north of Cozumel.

The Navy of Mexico reported the objective of the exercises were to increase the level of training and interoperability of Mexican Navy personnel. “The exercises were carried out contemplating formations and maritime maneuvers between the ships of both Navies, which tested the capabilities of naval communications, the use of available means and the level of training of their crews, giving them the opportunity to coordinate joint tasks on the high seas, which can be applied in combat scenarios or for the maintenance of the Rule of Law at sea,” they reported.

“By participating in this type of exercise, the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico strengthens its operational capabilities through exchanges with other nations, actions that are vital in the exercise of the functions of this Institution and with which it endorses its commitment with the citizenry to ensure maritime safety and safeguard human life at sea,” they said in their statement.