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Five die in Veracruz after consuming adulterated alcohol

Rafael Delgado, Veracruz — The municipal president of Rafael Delgado in the state of Veracruz has reported the death of at least five people who were killed after ingesting adulterated alcohol.

Municipal head Isidora Antonio Ramos said there was initially a report of two people who had died after consuming adulterated alcohol, however, on Friday, that number had been increased to five. Antonio Ramos explained that as of Friday, four of the deaths were reported in the municipality of Rafael Delgado and one in Tilapan.

She indicated that the lines of investigation led to a business located on the banks of the municipality, which has already been closed by Coordinación de Regulación y Prevención contra Riesgos Sanitarios.

“Unfortunately there are clandestine alcohol sales. There are already four people who have died here and another one from Tilapan. We will be aware of other businesses that could incur the same crime of illegal sale and cause more deaths,” she said.

The deaths occur during the same week as nine others died in the state of Morelos after ingesting adulterated alcohol allegedly bought online. On Friday, Cofepris sent a public warning for people to avoid the purchase of alcohol though social media, in particular, Facebook.

There has been a shortage of alcohol around the country as beer producers halt production and distribution due to the health epidemic.