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First stone for Mexico’s Tesla Gigafactory to be laid in 2024

Santa Catarina, Nuevo León — The first stone for Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Mexico will be laid in 2024. Nuevo León Secretary of Economy Iván Rivas says they have been in constant contact with Tesla and that the project is still on track.

Rivas says the construction date is not dependent on the Nuevo León government but rather on the company. Rivas affirmed that the state government has been in constant communication with the directors of Elon Musk ‘s company.

In a press conference, the state official indicated that there is still no defined month for the start of construction, but the project is still standing. The electric car Gigafactory will be built in the municipality of Santa Catarina where some infrastructure work has already begun.

Without giving details, Rivas said the state has begun to work on the infrastructure located around the plant, confirming the construction of the Tesla Gigafactory to begin this year.

“Let me summarize a little what we have done with Tesla. If you remember at the end of last year we already went through the Council and the incentives for Tesla were authorized, something that was very important for them,” he said.

“Now what the state is working on is the infrastructure around the plant so that when they are ready, which will be sometime in 2024, infrastructure with the roads and bridges that they need around Tesla are being worked on.

“I can say that we are in contact with them daily and the first stone of its plant will be in 2024. They will define the month for us, but it will be in 2024,” Rivas stated.

In March of 2023, Elon Musk announced the construction of a new Tesla Gigafactory for Mexico. In October 2023, the company started the paperwork required for construction of its Gigafactory in the state of Nuevo León. Musk’s company requested the construction of a set of projects in energy, water, road and railway matters prior to the construction of its new plant.