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FGR of Puebla charge two members of cartel for using drones with explosives to carry our criminal activities

San Miguelito, Puebla — Two youths have been arrested and charged with operating drones with explosives for the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel. According to investigations by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), both subjects collaborated with the cartel from its base in Puebla.

Taken into custody and officially charged are Diego J and Rogelio L , both alleged operators of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel. The men are facing charges for their participation in equipping drones with explosives.

The pair were taken into custody after an anonymous call on 22 April. From there, investigation, intelligence and field work was carried out to corroborate the report. “It is noted that in the state of Puebla, various people are dedicated to making bombs using an explosive material, using drones to transport them,” the FGR said in a statement.

Their arrests were made public by Army head Luis Cresencio Sandoval who said that a federal Criminal Justice Center of Puebla judge granted the two arrest warrants against Diego J and Rogelio L. Agents of the Federal Ministerial Police and the Secretariat of National Defense completed a search warrant at a home in San Andrés Cholula, Puebla where Diego J was seized.

Similar actions took place in the Hacienda San Antonio neighborhood of Xochitepec, Morelos where Rogelio L was located and taken into custody. Both are being held at the San Miguelito Prison in the state of Puebla.

The day before their arrestes, Sandoval revealed that some cartels in the states of Guanajuato, Jalisco and Michoacán are now using drones with explosives to carry out their criminal activities. He says that the attacks have not been effective since the devices cannot carry large quantities.