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FGE reports 17 of the 26 arrested in central Playa del Carmen to remain behind bars

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Seventeen of the 26 people taken into custody after a Fifth Avenue purge earlier this week, will remain behind bars. The Attorney General of the State reports that 17 people arrested in central Playa del Carmen on September 12 will remain behind bars after making an appearance in court.

They detail that those behind bars include José “C”, Mario “A”, Carlos “C”, Moisés “L”, Joel “L”, Josselín “E”, Gerardo “M”, Sirilo “J”, Enedilson “M”, Jenry “H”, José “G”, David “Q”, David “P”, Benjamin “G”, Eliezer “C”, Mauricio “C” and Jesús “D” for drug-related crimes, specifically buying and selling.

The FGE says that the balance of those detained on September 12 will likely be called back to court, but for now, remain out of jail at the request of the defense attorneys.

The agency reports that according to investigations, the events attributed to those detained occurred on September 12 in the streets of the Centro neighborhood in the municipality of Solidaridad where they were arrested while in possession of drugs.

One other person, who remains in jail, had an arrest warrant for the homicide of two people earlier this year.