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Feds make huge fentanyl drug bust locating 354,000 pills

Ahome, Sinaloa — Federal officials have arrested three people and seized their vehicle after locating 354,000 fentanyl pills. The massive drug bust took place Monday morning on a section of the Federal International Highway Mexico 15 in the state of Sinaloa.

Agents of the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM), attached to the Agency of Criminal Investigation (AIC) of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), made the find during a routine vehicle inspection.

Inside the vehicle under the seats, officers located bags of the drug. When done, authorities had found 354,000 fentanyl pills along with 2.7 kilos of the pure product.

According to the FGR report, the two men and one woman from inside the car were headed to the U.S. border. They reported that what they found was rainbow fentanyl, the most valued in the U.S. criminal market.