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False threat activates Alert 1 at Cancun International Airport

Cancun, Q.R. — The false alarm of an explosive device on a national flight Saturday night had Cancun authorities on high alert. National Guard units moved into place at the Cancun International Airport after the threat was reported.

Protocols were activated as authorities met at Terminal Two where the Emergency Operating Committee was installed with participation of the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC), airline personnel and ASUR.

While terminal passengers and airport staff were warned of a possible evacuation, a thorough review was made with nothing found.

On social media, the police of Cancun posted “It was an Alert 1, which means uncertainty, after receiving a message about an alleged bomb inside an aircraft of a national airline. The Emergency Operating Committee was immediately installed with the participation of the AFAC, National Guard, Sedena, the remaining federal authorities, airline personnel and ASUR.”

“Authorities proceeded to carry out a thorough inspection of the aircraft, resulting in a false threat. Therefore, the end result was uneventful. At no time was the airport or any terminal evacuated.” Police did not provide information on how they came to learn of the threat.